“Function generates form”

During the design stages of this innovative product, our aim was to create a fastening tack that could easily be used in any type of bone and able to firmly fix the membranes currently used in GBR (both re-absorbable and non-re-absorbable) and grids. The blue coloring studied and selected for quick visible identification in the removal stages of the GBR procedures.

The Supertack tack is characterized by a head 2.5 mm in diameter, a common size for this type of device. The tack stem has a conical shape designed for a quick removal and no or minimal tissue damage. The choice of the specific blue coloring facilitates its detection under soft tissues at the time of removal.

Supertack tacks are packaged in the “white room” (dedicated clean room) after a “plasma” cleaning of the surfaces. They are sold in the sterile and sealed package.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Tacks are manufactured using the Astm F136 certified TiGr5. The ASTM F136 standard specifies that this type of titanium is suitable for production of medical devices to be implanted in the human body.

NO! Biocompatibility is ensured by compliance to the ASTM F136 (American regulatory system)

The applicator is composed of the handle and tip so that only the tip may need to be replaced in case of damage. Different types of tips are also available, to satisfy any technical depth request of surgeons.

For this area, a specific tool has been created: the lingual applicator (Back Applicator).

NO! The tacks to be removed, need a very small incision through which the nails can be engaged and extracted with the same tool used for their insertion.