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STS Bone Scraper

Eli-Ka NEW product – available from 2020 January

The STS Bone Scraper line is available in different diameters in response to the demands from Surgeons’ need to harvest bones matrix in GBR processes.

Accurate studies and selection of the highest quality material resulted in a high precision tool, economically effective and durable for multiple use.

the only

reusable & ecological


Supertack line

Eli-Ka the FDA licensee for the MC Bio Specialist line

An answer of excellence for all membrane and meshes fixing needs in the broadest range of jaw bone matrix

The tack features a standard diameter head and the conical design of the stem includes a retaining harpoon shape and a precisely calculated form. This revolutionized the use and application of the new tack. Supertack can in fact be used in hard mandibular bone without any danger of distortions and bends.

The cobalt blue and the bronze color result from an anodyzation process of the titanium. Decontamination, plasma cleaning, cleanroom packaging and sterilization, all follow parameters of absolute excellence. Contained in a sterilized blister the Supertacks can be position in the stable design of the stainless steel organizer, together with an ergonomic and elegantly design hammer and applicator all included in a practical surgical kit.

Specialist line

Eli-Ka the FDA licensee for the MC Bio Specialist line

The importance of an accurate study of the details

The line Specialist has been developed to provide surgeons with a number of exclusive devices both in their elegance as well as in functional refinements.

This line distinguish itself from the standard one for a widespread use of treatments coating by PVD system (Physical Vacuum deposited) layers of TiN (Titanium Nitride). The extreme compactness, hardness and stability of these coatings make it impervious to contact with biological elements, which do not alter the chemical composition. The increased hardness also ensures an effective abrasion resistance, while maintaining the aesthetic level over a long time.

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Eli-Ka the FDA licensee for the MC Bio Specialist and Supertack lines