Eli-Ka NEW product - available from 2020 January

The STS Bone Scraper line is available in different diameters in response to the demands from Surgeons’ need to harvest bones matrix in GBR processes. Accurate studies and selection of the highest quality material resulted in a high precision tool, economically effective and durable for multiple use.

The different section of the blades offers the Surgeon a tool selection to cover multiple situations, angles of operation, and depth of penetration on the bone area to be harvested, as well as optimal ergonomics for the best tool control during the scraping action and matrix collection.

The STS Bone Scraper is manufactured with special grade metal alloys with the actual harvesting sections using Ti Gr5 and in surgical stainless steel of the highest quality.

Because of the metal matrix, the STS Bone Scraper requires sterilization by means of a steam autoclave. The selection of metal components makes it an economically effective multi-use device. The circular bone-abrading blade can be rotated to expose a fresh, sharp-cutting surface when the original one dulls up, providing obvious advantages both in terms of cost and application efficiency.

The STS Bone Scraper has also been engineered to be compatible with some of the mounting systems of “MC-Bio” tool lines, thus integrating into and complementing such a renowned GBR fixation system.


Most frequent questions and answers

The blades are made of surgical stainless steel.

No, it’s composed by three pieces: Supertack or Specialist applicator, blade and tank.

Absolutely yes! Our Bone Scraper is a reusable tool. If you have to change one of the parts, you don’t need to change all the applicator. 

No, it’s a 360° cutting blade. This means that you have only to turn your tank to use all the cutting parts of the blade.