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The Specialist line has been developed to provide surgeons with a series of exclusive devices in both their elegance, ergonomics, and functional refinement.

This line is differing from the standard lines for the widespread use of coating treatments using PVD (Physical Vacuum Deposition) system of layers of TiN (Titanium Nitride). The extreme compactness, hardness and stability of these coatings make it impervious to contact with biological elements, of which they do not alter their chemical composition. The hardness also guarantees effective resistance to abrasion, maintaining the aesthetic level for a long time.

Back Applicator

smoothness and fluidity of movement


Most frequent questions and answers

Stops are devices that allow you to vary the retention force of the Tack in the applicator tip socket according to specific conditions encountered by the surgeon. It also aids in maintaining the Tack straight against small deviations.

Absolutely NO. The indexable stop, as the name itself says, allows you to decide on the retention force by sliding it on the tip. Differently the blue and green stops have different retentions forces